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Your Guide for Outdoor Signs for Advertising

Exterior Dimensional Signs

Exterior signs, as the name implies, are visual communication solutions installed outside your facility to promote your business. They are inanimate sales representatives of your brand that showcase your unique personality and values. They also give people a glimpse of what products and services you can offer and what sets you apart from others. With the right design and placement, these can help you gain a competitive advantage, convert leads, bring in more customers, and cement your brand in Aurora. Listed below are some of our most popular signs and why you should consider them.

Channel Letter Exterior Signs

These three-dimensional lighted signs add color and vibrancy to your storefront. They are incredibly eye-catching and memorable, allowing you to successfully pique the interest of your target market even at a moment’s glance. They come in four different illumination styles, namely: front-lit, backlit, combination, and open face. Since channel letters have many customization options, you have more wiggle room to make them more visually appealing and memorable.

Impactful Monument Signs in Aurora

These custom outdoor business signs are perfect for establishments that intend to stand the test of time. They are fabricated with extremely weather-resistant materials such as Dibond and brick. When people see them, they immediately get a sense of your company’s industry reputation and reliability. Since they are meant to last for many years, you can maximize your marketing budget as well.

Illuminated Pylon Signs

These are considered to be one of the best outdoor signs that you can get because of their outstanding visibility regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Since they can be seen from miles away, you have more opportunities to get the attention of your target market. Pylon signs are often used to showcase your official trademark. However, some entrepreneurs also convert them into wayfinding or multi-tenant signs.

Where Can I Purchase the Best Outdoor Signs in Aurora, ON?

Insight Signs & Graphics specializes in producing a wide variety of outdoor visual marketing tools. These are fully customized to match your branding requirements, exterior building design, budget, goals, and target market preferences. We take pride in having a team of incredibly talented sign-makers who are passionate about creating solutions that generate long-term, profitable results.

Are you ready to invest in custom outdoor business signs that add value to your company? Give us a call today!

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