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Premium Quality Marquee Signs in Toronto

Humans are naturally attracted to light. Our attention is often geared towards the contrast of bright lights and their surroundings.

For this reason, lighted signs play a crucial role in attracting the attention of your target customers. Studies even show that improving the visibility of your sign impacts your sales positively.

If you are considering lighted signs for your business, there are plenty of options available. One type, however, brings a unique and memorable look: marquee signs (sometimes also called Hollywood signs)

What are Marquee Signs?

As far as lighted signs go, marquee signs are one of the most distinctive kinds you can find. These are structures usually used for business entrances, displaying the business name and other details.

These signs typically have illuminated letters with flashing or scrolling lights. This gives it a vintage look that many are attracted to. As such, they are popular for theaters, hotels, casinos, and the like.

However, plenty of other businesses have been making good use of these signs. Vintage marquee signs are the perfect way to showcase your business and stand out.

Looking for a marquee signs company? Insight Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of options for your business needs. Learn more about our offerings by giving us a call today.

Types of Marquee Signs

  1. Portable Marquee Signs : These are freestanding signs made with a steel frame and panels to insert changeable letters. They often have a lighted arrow on top used to point towards your business.
    The changeable letters allow you to put out different messages depending on your needs.
  2. LED Digital Marquee Signs : Available in either scrolling or full-motion graphics. These are often used to communicate important information.
  3. Pylon and Marquee Signs : These are towering signs with panels for changeable letter inserts. These highly visible signs are a great way to attract attention and send a message to your target customers.
  4. Digital Marquee Monument Signs : These are monument signs with a digital message board. This allows you to display multiple messages using just one sign.
  5. Marquee Letter Signs : These are individual letters that usually have bulbs within to light them up. This gives your sign a retro or vintage look. “Hollywood” signs and branding, for example, are ideal to use for movie theaters.

Marquee Signs Ideas

Custom marquee signs can be a great asset for your business. However, there are plenty of other ways that these can be used.

  1. Wedding/Event Decor : Marquee letters are great for displaying words or initials used to decorate tables, entrances, and more.
  1. Christmas decor : The vintage look makes these personalized marquee signs great for spelling out Christmas-themed words as décor.
  1. Theme Parties/Events : These are perfect for Hollywood-themed parties or vintage events. Use custom Hollywood-style signs on your walls for a stunning backdrop. Outside, use Hollywood-style yard signs to welcome your guests.

Full-Service Sign Company in Toronto

Enhance your business or event space and turn heads your way with the right lighted sign. Let Insight Signs & Graphics help boost your visibility with a dazzling marquee sign.

Our sign experts will guide you through choosing the right colors, size, and design that fits your brand. Contact us today and receive a free consultation on your signage needs!

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