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Amplify your Brand's Message Through Custom Truck Wraps in Toronto, ON

Mobile advertising has been around for years, but only recently have digitally printed truck and vehicle wraps risen in popularity. Whether you own one company vehicle or an entire fleet traversing the roads across the region daily, you should want to consider custom truck wraps to promote your business in Toronto, ON.

24/7 Advertising for Less

Custom vinyl truck wraps are by far the most cost-effective means of marketing there is in the industry today. Unlike billboards that are stationary and have limited reach, a truck wrap goes wherever your vehicle goes. A commercial truck wrap can reach more people across different demographics for a lesser amount.

Saves Over Time

Premium quality vinyl wraps, when professionally installed, can last for five or more years. This means you won’t have to worry about having to replace your truck wrap and decal anytime soon. It can result in big savings over time as you only must pay for your truck wrap once. After installation, you will immediately see it work as a dynamic advertising tool that works night and day to promote your business.

Protect Your Vehicle with High-Quality Wraps

More than its marketing capabilities, a truck wrap can also protect your vehicle from scratches and wear. The vinyl wrap acts as a second skin for your truck and won’t damage the original paint. When it’s time to sell your company truck, you’ll get a better price at resale as its original surface will have been preserved by a truck wrap. In short, truck wraps also function as a protective film for your vehicles.

Custom Vehicle Graphics Made by Insight Signs & Graphics in Toronto, ON

Benefits of Using Truck Wraps & Graphics In Toronto, ON

Without doubt, investing in a high-quality truck wrap can be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. Below are some of the benefits of truck wraps advertising:

Practically any business can utilize the power of custom truck wraps and truck decals. Due to its affordability, even small businesses can now use truck wrap advertising to publicize their brand, promote a product or market an idea. And because of its versatility, business truck wraps can work across different types of industries.


School service vehicles can do much more than just have the words “school bus,” scrolled across their sides. These spaces can be further utilized to display the school’s logo, name and address, or a school motto that resonates with the values of its target clientele. This is a perfect way to connect with your audience.

Event Organizing

Event organizers have a great opportunity to promote their services using a customized truck wrap. If their services include hauling tables, chairs, food, and equipment, well-designed truck wraps and graphics will help give their business that looks of professionalism and reliability.


This industry has so much potential. If you belong to this niche and your daily operations involve transporting fresh farm produce from one place to another, a stunning truck wrap will really advertise your business.

Pet and Animal Care

This niche will never run out of business for as long as there are people who see animal companions as family. With a vinyl truck wrap that vividly displays an image of an animal, there is no need to add more text than your contact number. Pet owners and animal lovers will call you and inquire about the products and services you offer.

Have Your Truck Wrap Designed by Experts

With a professionally designed and installed truck wrap, you cannot go wrong. If you happen to be anywhere in Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Aurora, Toronto, Newmarket, York Region, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, and other places around the Greater Toronto Area, we at Insight Signs are the best partners you can have. Our team of dedicated professionals understand how mobile advertising works and uses this understanding to create results-driven design. We use only top of the line vinyl materials and world-class equipment to ensure our customers make the most of their investment. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professionally installed and maintained wraps can last for five or more years. But there are other factors like pollution and weather conditions in your area that should also be considered for its lifespan. To learn more about wraps’ lifespan, contact us at 647-388-5204.

This is by far the most cost-effective marketing tool nowadays. Truck wraps go anywhere your vehicle goes which means your business is reaching way more people in different demographics across the city.

Product costs depend on what type of truck wrap you want for your vehicle. The complexity of the design, materials used, dimensions, and labor affect the cost of your sign. Contact us at 647-388-5204 to learn more about our price packages.

No, especially when you get them removed by wrapping experts. In fact, wraps typically protect your vehicles from scratches and wear. Wraps serve as a second skin to your vehicle. They help in the preservation of the original surface of your truck.

Aside from giving them protection from scratches, this is also a great way to promote your business around town. Truck wraps are a rent-free promotion that runs 24/7.

Truck wraps are highly customizable and versatile so you can have them designed according to what your brand represents. Talk to our experts to give you more ideas about how we design and install wraps. Contact us at 647-388-5204.

Keep your truck clean the day before the wrap installation date. To remove grease, waxes, and oils that may hinder the application process, wash your truck with detergent and water and wipe it down with a solvent. Contact us at 647-388-5204 and let our team of experts assist you with truck preparation.

As easily as it was installed. How we approach removing your wrap depends on the vehicle and type of wrap we used. Contact our professional team today and we will handle your wrap removal effortlessly.

A good truck wrap is a good investment even for small businesses. It promotes your business around the city 24/7 and all for no additional cost. Every promotion after your wrap installation is free. Your business can widen the scope of its target market and increase your brand’s presence  

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