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Monument Signs for Businesses Make a Long-Lasting Impression

Exterior Monument Signage

Architectural monument signs are freestanding structures that are installed at eye level. They typically display your official company name, logo, and slogan. However, they can also be used to indicate wayfinding cues, directories, and the tenants occupying your establishment. Monument signs are intended to get the attention of motorists and passersby. They are installed in a spot that allows enough time for these individuals to park or walk toward your storefront.

High-Quality Architectural Monument Signs Reflect Your Values

Imagine this, you visit a pediatric center only to be greeted by flimsy and cheap monument signage. You will most likely have second thoughts about the quality of their services and hesitate to entrust the health and safety of your child with their professionals. This is an excellent example of how commercial signs affect the consumers’ perceived trust. The good news is that Insight Signs & Graphics is your reliable partner in Aurora when it comes to top-notch signage solutions.

Only a Few Establishments in Aurora Have Commercial Monument Signs

Not all brick-and-mortar businesses are capable of investing in long-term signage solutions. For those that have built a reputation and established trust with their consumers or are currently on the path to achieving the same, putting up custom monument signs is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s goal to serve its customers for many years.

Become a Familiar Landmark in Aurora with Impactful Monument Signs

One way to become a household name in the area is by having custom monument signs that are illuminated. These are incredibly visible regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, giving you more opportunities to convert leads and make a sale. Since commercial monument signs are hard to miss, drivers and pedestrians will eventually utilize them as landmarks. Consumers will even associate your brand with your address or vice versa.

Your Leading Manufacturer for Custom Monument Signage in Aurora, ON

Insight Signs & Graphics is your reliable source of outstanding visual marketing tools in Aurora. As industry leaders, we take additional steps to ensure that your monument signs are built to last a lifetime and that they put your brand’s best foot forward. By incorporating a customer-centric approach, our Aurora team is able to meet or even exceed your expectations throughout the sign-making process.

Are you ready to invest in top-grade custom monument signage? Give us a call today!


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