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Fleet Wraps: A Golden Advertising Opportunity in Toronto, ON

The Power of a Fleet

If there is anything more powerful and effective than a truck wrap, it’s a fleet wrap. Anyone who understands the marketing capabilities of a truck wrap knows what an entire fleet can do. If you are a business owner in the Greater Toronto Area and your company owns more than a single vehicle, take this opportunity to increase your reach and bring your brand to numerous places around the country with fleet wraps advertising.

As an industry leader, here are some of the things you can do with well-designed fleet wraps.

Benefits of commercial fleet wraps in Toronto, ON


Compared to billboard or print advertising, fleet wraps is far more cost-effective as you only have to pay for it once. This one-time investment allows you to maximize the sides of your vehicles and transform them into rent-free ad spaces that are highly mobile and are not limited to a single location only. When properly designed using top of the line materials and installed by professionals, your fleet wrap can last for several years even under harsh weather conditions. You’ll see a significant return on investment long before your fleet wraps need replacing.

Since fleet wraps is relatively inexpensive, any business owner in Toronto, ON won’t have to think twice before having it replaced for some special reasons such as introducing a new product to the market or publicizing an upcoming event.

Round-the-Clock Advertising

Once installed, fleet wraps immediately become a robust marketing machine that works 24/7 for you and your business. A billboard is stationary, while a radio or TV ad can reach your target audience only when they turn these devices on. A fleet wrap, on the other hand, will be seen by potential customers while your trucks are stuck in traffic, traversing the freeway, delivering goods to neighborhoods, or parked in highly visible locations in Toronto, ON. Night and day, you have a fleet of warships that can get to places that traditional forms of advertising cannot reach, all for a fraction of a cost.

Good Design for Better Results

The truth is, not all vehicle wraps and graphics are created equal. In mobile advertising, it is crucial to choose a vehicle graphic specialist that understands how fleet wraps work. Your target audience won’t have more than a few seconds to read what is written on the sides of your vehicle. It is, therefore, essential that your fleet wrap is designed to convey as much information with as little text or complex colour combinations as possible.

Experienced fleet wraps manufacturers would generally go for highly contrasting colours and information that drive specific results, depending on your goals. If you are trying to entice people to learn more about your brand by visiting your website, a combination of a compelling image and your website address printed in large, attractive font is recommended. You can also have these images and font designed to embody your brand and build your identity in your chosen niche.

Trust Only The Best

Without a doubt, fleet wraps is one of the most cost-effective modes of advertising you can invest in nowadays. Whether you want a full vehicle wrap or a smaller truck lettering to cover only a specific area of your vehicle, our team of experts at Insight Signs can help you achieve your goals.

Our in-house design specialists have years of experience in the conceptualization and installation of vehicle wraps. Moreover, we use only the highest quality materials and printing equipment to ensure that our valued customers make the most of their investment. If you are, therefore, located anywhere around the Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Aurora, Newmarket, York Region, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, GTA and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area, you can get in touch with our friendly representative now to get a no obligation quote on your signage needs.

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