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Best-Quality Custom Outdoor Hanging Signs in Toronto

They are greatly beneficial for businesses, organizations, institutions, offices, and facilities. With its elevated position, it’s much easier for passersby to spot them. Professionally made and installed custom hanging signs in Toronto, ON can give your establishment proper identification and a competitive edge. There are several varieties that can suit your establishment.

Banner Hanging Signs

Banner hanging signs are a favourite of many because they are easy to install, store, and reuse. You can choose between matte and glossy finishes, depending on what complements your building. They are portable and inexpensive, yet they effectively communicate with your target audience.

PVC Hanging Signs

If you’re looking for signs that are lightweight and very customizable, then PVC is a great option for you. However, PVC hanging signs are best installed inside your building because extreme weather conditions can cause damage.

Aluminum Hanging Signs

When you say hanging signs, this is what most people associate it with. Aluminum signage is popular in use for its versatility in mounting options, locations and ability to withstand inclement weather. Although they typically come in square, rectangular, and circular shapes, you also have the option of choosing unique and customized shapes to make your establishment stand out from competitors.

Engraved Hanging Signs

Engraved hanging signs are the perfect choice if you want something that is simpler and direct in its messaging. These come in plastic, acrylic, and metal. If you want your signs to look more interesting, you have the option of changing up the engraving colours as well.

Alumalite Hanging Signs

If you want to invest in signage that is hardwearing and resistant to the elements, but is still lightweight, then you might want to check out Alumalite signage. Alumalite hanging signs are made of two sheets of aluminum that seals a corrugated plastic core. They are so hard-wearing that you’ll likely change your branding before you need to change your sign.

Coroplast Hanging Signs

Also known as ‘plastic cardboard’, this signage is ideal if you want to repeatedly install and uninstall your signs (and they have a no-brainer installation and removal process too). Coroplast hanging signs are durable enough to be used both inside and outside your establishment.

Dibond Hanging Signs

If you want signs that are waterproof, rustproof, rot-proof, and resistant to chemical corrosion, then Dibond is the right material for you. These hanging signs are widely known to be amongst the most heavy-duty signs on the market. They come in two levels of thickness, so you have the liberty of choosing which kind works best for your establishment.

Armour Wood Hanging Signs

Armour Wood is the toughest type of hanging signage, it’s made with a solid wooden core that is encapsulated by heavy gauge aluminum sheets. If you’re looking for signs that last a lifetime, then Armour Wood is the way to go.

HDU Hanging Signs

Do you want the classic and rustic vibe of wood signs but hate how easily they wither? If so, then you might want to check out HDU. This material will let you have hanging signs that mimic the style and finish of carved wood. Gone are the days when you must sacrifice quality over design.

Dura Wood Hanging Signs

Dura Wood hanging signs have been a favourite of many because of how simple they are to install and remove. It’s a no-nonsense pick for anyone who wants basic signage that is durable and that successfully delivers the message to the public.

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