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Top-Notch Custom Sidewalk Signs in Toronto

Also known as pavement signs, outdoor sidewalk signs are popular among small businesses, coffee shops, and retail outlets whose doors open to a sidewalk or a walkway in the mall. These delightful messaging tools have been used by business owners for a long time and are proven to be effective for many different types of businesses.

You may have heard of other popular types of signs. There’s the monument sign that also functions as a landmark; the projected hanging sign that you can customize to match your business’ personality, and the window decals that adorn large glass windows. You can have one or all of these to create a coordinated signage system. However, most passersby don’t pay attention to hanging signs, look at windows to see what’s inside, and most ignore monument signs.

Outdoor sidewalk signs are more intimate and the best way of advertising promotions and products in Toronto, ON.

Show Them What You’ve Got

This is where an attractive sidewalk sign comes in. A sidewalk sign can complete your signage and increase your exposure by targeting people outside your business establishment in Toronto, Ontario whose line of sight is not at the same level as the rest of your signage. People are often in a hurry and most of them that walk past your store daily and may not come in to see what’s inside, unless they know that you have exactly what they need.

Show them what you have to offer by displaying your message on a sidewalk sign. An attractive sidewalk sign significantly raises the chance of people seeing your announcement, then window decals or promotional banners you keep next to the counter inside your store.

High Customizability

The beautiful thing about outdoor sidewalk signs is that they are built to last. Contrary to what most people think, sidewalk signs are never boring. You can make use of a variety of materials to suit your taste and see what works best for your business.

Those in the food service industry generally make use of marker boards. These are the wooden A-frames with a chalkboard writing surface. This type of sidewalk sign is used to announce special offers, the soup of the day, store hours, and sales. Creative business owners, however, can let their creativity run wild and use these boards to show an inspiring quote or an “Insta-worthy” message that would compel people to take photos of themselves next to the sidewalk sign and tag your business in their social media posts.

Changeable letter boards work in the same way, only that they come with sets of letter and numbers than can be arranged on multiple lines of text space. Other materials are metal and plastic. A plastic sidewalk sign, often made of polyethylene, is a favourite in parking lots, garages, and construction sites due to its ‘indestructible’ nature. No wonder they often serve as safety signs to warn people of a wet pavement or falling debris.

If you are ready to learn more about how outdoor sidewalk signs can dramatically improve your marketing efforts in Toronto, ON, get in touch with our team of experts at Insight Signs today. We serve customers around the Greater Toronto Area, including Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Aurora, Newmarket, York Region, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa and Whitby. Contact us today for a free quote.

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