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High-Quality Creative Custom Post and Panel Signs in Toronto

Usually an uncomplicated combination of a panel and posts, a post and panel sign is a classic answer to almost every business’ advertising needs. Whether your goal is to increase your visibility locally, promote your brand to your existing customers as well as to potential clients. Custom post and panel signs provide a simple solution to your advertising requirements.

What are Post and Panel Signs?

These are freestanding outdoor signs for your business. They are used to display important information, including your business name and logo. They can be printed on a single side, or both sides, depending on your preference.

Custom post and panel signs can be designed to match your brand’s theme and colors.The signboards are made from versatile materials, like:

This makes it easy to create customized designs that can highlight your brand. These can also be illuminated, providing you with a sign that is visible from day until night.

An Inexpensive Alternative to Monument Signs

Custom post and panel signs are inexpensive alternatives to monument signs. Instead of choosing lavish and often pricey monument signs, a post and panel sign can be designed to be as attractive and elegant in its own way.

One of the major advantages of a custom post and panel sign is its height. Unlike pylon signs that stand tall over buildings. It is normally built to stand just a few feet above the ground, at a pedestrian’s eye level, making it highly visible to people approaching your business on foot or driving a vehicle. With the right sign company in Toronto, ON, you can have your post and panel sign designed to look and work as a monument sign for a fraction of a cost.

Looking for high-quality monument signs and post and panel signs? Insight Signs and Graphics is your leading sign maker in Aurora. We offer a wide range of design and material options to match your business needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our top-notch sign solutions.

A Dynamic Advertising Tool

In branding, visibility is the key to success. You cannot simply start a business, build a store and hope people will come. In today’s business environment, regardless of the niche you have chosen, it’s become more competitive than ever before. And, while you’re confident about the quality of your products or service. If people don’t know where to find you, you will never make it.

One of the most affordable and effective advertising materials you can employ is a post and panel sign. Besides helping you promote your brand among locals, a well-designed and highly visible post and panel sign strengthens your presence in the community.

Placing Them Right In Toronto, ON

Because it works a lot like a monument sign, your post and panel signage can be placed in your business’ entryway or at the entrance to your parking area. Because it’s highly-customizable, this signage can also be positioned closer to your building to serve as an outdoor directory sign. The panel can display your business name and address, as well as information to show people where to go to find what they need. Directional signs make it easier for everyone, especially those who visit for the first time, to navigate your business establishment. This simple act of helping customers find their around will never go unnoticed. They will forever remember you by associating the experience they had with you and the visual appeal of your signage and, ultimately, your brand.

Other popular uses of post and panel signs are temporary signs in the construction and real estate industry.

Different Materials to Choose From

Most, if not all, post and panel signs we see are placed outdoors and because they are constantly exposed to the elements. Sign experts use weather-resistant materials such as dibond, high-density urethane or HDU, and PVC plastic materials. While wood may be an alternative option, it can easily rot and get attacked by termites. Experts discourage the use of wood for post and panel signage.

The Benefits of Post and Panel Signs

These signs can be a significant investment especially for small to medium businesses. However, the rewards you reap make post and panel signs in Toronto worthwhile.

The way you can customize these signs makes it a versatile sign option. These can be used in a variety of ways, including:

The many ways these signs can be used make them a popular sign choice for business owners. This means you get more benefits just with this signage alone.

The durability of these signs is another attractive feature. Made of weather-resistant materials, expect that these signs can last you years with proper maintenance. Post and panel signs can give you years of visibility and brand exposure.

#1 Post & Panel Signs for Your Business

Insight Signs and Graphics is a full-service sign company in Toronto. Our extensive experience has allowed us to provide top-quality sign solutions for various business needs.

We have a team of sign experts ready to guide you through the entire sign-making process. Aside from design to installation, we also assist you through compliance and legal requirements for your signs.

Where to Go Get Your Signage Made

A post and panel sign is indubitably one of the most versatile signage options anyone, including you, can choose. If you are currently looking into having one made, let our team of experts at Insight Signs help you. Serving customers in Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Toronto, Newmarket, York Region, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby and GTA, and other places around the Greater Toronto Area. We work very hard to ensure that the signs we make are made of premium quality materials, printed using state-of-the-art technology, and most importantly, deliver results.

For the best post and panel signs in Toronto, get in touch with our friendly representative today!

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