Office Door Signs

Office door signs are essential to all types of workplace, headquarters, institutions, and facilities. It serves as a label for different areas and important rooms inside your building. It also allows everyone who has access to the office such as employees, suppliers, and other guests, to easily find certain rooms or specific people. These signs can also help those who are visually impaired if you’re able to incorporate braille and other design elements such as contrasting colours and raised characters.

There are several types of custom door signs that best suit your needs.

Aluminum Door Signs

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in office door signs in the market. It comes in a variety of finishes and thickness levels, depending on whether you want to use it indoor or outdoor. It’s generally lightweight which makes it a breeze to install and replace if needed.

Alumalite Door Signs

If you’re looking for custom door signs that are long lasting and heavy-duty, then alumalite is the perfect choice for you. It’s made with two aluminum sheets that seal a corrugated plastic core. Since it’s more hardwearing compared to other signage, it’s more cost-efficient since you don’t have to keep replacing them.

Engraved Door Signs

Engraved office door signs have to be one of the most common customized door signage. You can choose to have them in different types of materials such clear acrylic, metal, or plastic. These engraved door signs are great for both interior and exterior usage.

Coroplast Signs

If you’re looking for door signage that is completely waterproof then coroplast is the way to go. This type of signage is also a favorite by many establishments because of its durability. Although it’s typically found outside, using coroplast office door signs inside your building further extends your signage’s lifespan.

Armour-wood Door Signs

Armour-wood is the type of signage that you should go for if you really want to make the most out of your money because it’s the most heavy-duty door sign in the market. It’s made from a solid wood core that is sealed by two aluminum sheets. This choice is perfect if you are confident with your design and want your office doors signs to last a lifetime.

Dibond Door Signs

Dibond is among the best signs for mounting because it’s both lightweight and sturdy. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage since it’s also resistant to the elements.

Foam Door Signs

If you’re looking for a temporary or semi-permanent custom door signs, then foam core is a good option. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install.

Acrylic Door Signs

Do you want a signage that looks sleek, modern, impactful, and professional? Acrylic signs are perfect for offices that want to make a first good impression on their guests and employees. It comes in several finishes and styles that you can choose from. It’s also the most customizable of all custom door signs. Plus, it can be installed both inside and outside the establishment. With its impressive and stunning design, it’s great for corporate offices and firms that truly want to make a statement.

Decal Door Signs

These signs are perfect if you want something that is simple and modern-looking. You don’t have to worry about mounting or hanging up these office door signs because you simply have to stick these decals and you’re good to go! Decals are perfect for glass doors and windows.

Vinyl Door Signs

Vinyl is another simple and easy to install yet stylish door sign. It looks great on glass doors as it provides all the necessary information that you need to communicate such as company name, logo, office/work hours, and contact numbers, among others.

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