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High-Quality Custom Wayfinding Directional Signage in Toronto

Are you in the midst of constructing a new business establishment and in need of a new interior directory sign? Do you need to replace your current Directory or Facility Map signs? Are you looking for a reliable company in the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in creating an effective and well-designed interior Wayfinding Directional signs?

Wayfinding Directional signs are often deployed in a building’s main entrance areas (entryways, lobbies, reception areas, waiting rooms, elevator landing areas, and escalator waiting areas). The goal of these signs is to provide customers with a full view of your property and provide information on the whereabouts of stores, offices and other areas of interest.

Insight Signs specializes in creating quality Wayfinding Directional signs for all types of establishments such as restaurants, retail shopping centres, resorts, salons, coffee shops, public and academic institutions and hospitals, among others.

There are several reasons to invest in custom Wayfinding Directional Signs.

Insight Signs is a full-service sign company that designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains all types of indoor wayfinding signs. We use the finest class of materials in making these signs to ensure quality and longevity. Our passionate and well-trained team of designers can guide you through the conceptualization stage by providing different design elements which you can choose from. They can gladly explain to you what works best for your business type and marketing goals. Although wayfinding signs are primarily informative, it’s also important that the layout and overall look ties in with your building’s aesthetics. Hence, if you have any concern or anything that you don’t fully understand, then please ask! We’re passionate about providing assistance from start to finish. We’re proud to say that we go above and beyond in order to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you are looking to have wayfinding directional signs made and your business is located within Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Toronto, Newmarket, York Region, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby and Greater Toronto Area, then make sure to reach out to us today so we can begin to discuss your needs.

Custom interior wayfinding signs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not all business signs are intended for marketing. Some of them are made to create a positive experience for customers and employees at your brick-and-mortar facility. Directional signs are visual communication tools that help people arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. These can range from simple arrows to extremely detailed maps of your property.

Directional signs promote safety and convenience in your establishment. For example, we can put up illuminated exit signs so that people know where to go in case there are fires, earthquakes, or other emergencies. Commercial wayfinding signs at malls, supermarkets, and retail stores allow shoppers to find specific items they are interested in purchasing.

Before we go straight into production, we have to sit down with you to identify a few things. It includes identifying which type of wayfinding sign you need, what design specifications you prefer, and where you want them to be installed. To learn more about our intricate fabrication process, kindly reach out to us today.

Different types of directional signs have different ideal sizes as well. For example, map directories are 4.5m x 3.2m, whereas outdoor wayfinding signs for motorists are 1.4m x 1.3m and 1.2m x 2.0m. However, keep in mind that these can still be adjusted according to your preference, so long as the law permits. Talk to us today to learn more.

Indoor directional signs can be customized to any hue you like. However, outdoor wayfinding signs often follow standard colors. Green is used to indicate directions you need to take and the distance to your destination. Blue is typically utilized to guide people to essential establishments, such as gas stations and hospitals.

Directional arrows signify the motion people need to do to arrive at a particular destination. When placed outside, it can also include easy-to-follow words such as “This Way to Sunny Beach Resort”. Sometimes, a single word alongside the arrow will do. On the other hand, indoor directional arrows are often used to indicate restrooms, conference rooms, checkout counters, and fire exits.

Indoor and outdoor directional signs are must-have investments in every brick-and-mortar facility in Aurora. They provide practical information to help customers and employees navigate your space easily and quickly. Aside from convenience, directional signs also promote safety because people are informed about where they should or should not go.

On average, small flat sheet signs range from $25 to $35 per square foot. As for larger frames or panels, these can go around $30 to $40 per square foot. However, these are just rough estimates since you also have to take into account the signage type, design, materials, and more. For an exact quote, we highly suggest that you book a consultation with one of our representatives.

Customers use wayfinding signs, especially when entering large or unfamiliar spaces. They might look for a specific product, amenity, room, or person in your facility. Directional signage solutions also come in handy for new employees and suppliers. These signs allow them to complete their tasks efficiently and conveniently because they spend less time getting lost.

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