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Custom Exterior Monument Signs: Make A Lasting Impression For Your Business In Toronto, ON

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers entered a business just because of its signs? Signage plays a key role in how you can drive more customer traffic. These make you more visible and help build a better perception of your business.

Customers often see visibility as a measure of your credibility as a business. The right signs make you look more professional. Among the many sign options available, custom monument signs give you the professional and credible image that you need.

Learn more about monument signs today. Insight Signs & Graphics is a monument signs company in Toronto. We offer a variety of design and material options for your business needs. Interested in effective sign solutions? Talk to our sign experts today!

What are Monument Signs?

An exterior monument sign is a free-standing sign that can be strategically placed outside of your establishment. Unlike pylon signs that stand high above the ground and can hold several pieces of information about tenants and other businesses in a commercial complex or business park. A monument sign is much simpler and usually stands closer to the ground. Like any other outdoor sign, a monument sign is great at announcing your presence to walk-in customers and passersby, but it can also mean constant exposure to the elements. For this reason, it is crucial for a monument sign to be made of durable materials that last. Work only with the best sign company in Toronto, ON that can provide you with the highest-quality products and service, so you get to reap the full benefits of exterior monument signs.

Insight Signs & Graphics is your trusted monument sign maker. We produce signs using high-quality materials and advanced technology. This ensures we deliver durable, attractive monument signs that your business can benefit from for years.

Build Your Identity with Monument Signs In Toronto, ON

A well-designed monument sign can attract more customers to your business while establishing your brand’s identity in your locality. Unlike fascia signs or storefront window signs, an exterior monument sign is placed outside and not attached to your building thereby increasing your visibility and reaching more people from a greater distance. Industry leaders understand how visibility plays a role in every business’ success, which is why business owners pay thousands of dollars for advertising. With monument signs, you get to enjoy round-the-clock advertising for your business in Toronto, ON as you create your identity in your community. Our sign experts can help you choose a design that will make your monument signs a perfect representation of your brand and personality.

Monument signs are highly customizable. This means you can include branding elements in your design. This contributes to building your identity and making a mark on your target audience.

A consistent display of your brand is a great way to boost your business. With a visible sign like this, you can be sure your brand remains top of mind in Toronto.

Looking for branded monument signs “near me?” Let Insight Signs & Graphics help. Talk to our designers about incorporating your brand theme and colors into your signage today.

How Well-designed Monument Signs Can Help Your Business

Whether you are looking into having large, towering structures that people can see from afar or smaller ones that rise just a few feet above the ground, your monument sign can tremendously work wonders for you and your business. Here’s a list of what it allows you to do:

Make a lasting impression on motorists or passersby with a stunning architectural monument sign today.

Go for High Customizability

Every business is unique and so should your monument sign. The wonderful thing about this type of signage is that you can have it designed to match your branding and speak your message. You can have your monument sign in stone to convey a message of stability and trust, or wood for that feeling of warmth and familiarity. The choice of materials and effects are virtually endless. Our design experts can help you with the right colour and material combination to achieve the goals you have in mind. You can place your monument signs right outside your building or along driveway entrances to show people where to find you. In short, monument signs work as advertising materials as well as a landmark.

Advertising with Monument Signs for Businesses

Standard monument signs come with a signboard or lightbox that contains your business name and logo. However, did you know that you can go digital with these signs?

A monument sign shop can help you add an LED sign or electronic message boards to your signage. This lets you put out multiple messages with just one sign. Digital signs can be used to display deals and promotions, business hours, and other information that attracts your customers.

Choose the Right Sign Company in the GTA

The use of a monument sign can result in big savings for you, especially when used in conjunction with a thoroughly planned marketing strategy. Therefore, it is imperative for every business, including yours, to work only with the best sign company in Toronto, ON that is committed to using only the highest quality materials and providing the utmost customer care to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Insight Signs is by far the only full-service sign company in the Greater Toronto Area that possesses a deep understanding of signage and an unparalleled capacity to design, install, and even maintain your signs. If you are considering getting a monument sign that speaks your brand and can withstand the elements for a very long time, work with no less than our team of experts to help you achieve your business goals.

Make a mark on your customers by getting the best monument signs for your business. Contact us today and get a FREE quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers usually enter a business because of its sign. A business monument sign placed in the right location will likely increase its presence to walk-in clients and passersby. It also serves as a constant exposure element for a business. They also help in establishing your brand’s identity.

As much as we want to say that monument signs last for a very long time without maintenance – their lifespan may vary and depend on a lot of possible factors (e.g., weather conditions). To know more about monument signs’ durability, give us a call at 647-388-5204 for a free consultation.

Monument signs are typically signs that are better seen at short distances whereas pylon signs are signs that are mounted on a pole that is raised a few feet higher than monument signs making them more visible even from afar.

As they were usually designed with a stunning architectural design, they are great for announcing your business presence in the community. They leave a lasting impression on motorists and passersby. Aside from advertising your business 24/7 they also add to the aesthetic value of the community.

Depending on what your sign is made of, the turnaround time for a project to be finished varies. Our design experts can help you with the right color and material combination to achieve the goals you have in mind. Give us a call at 647-388-5204 for a free consultation.

Everything depends on how you want your sign to look. Big signs may fit some brands, but not others. We can have it designed to match your brand and identity or we can do it in a traditional way to convey warmth and familiarity. Let our experts help you decide what options are the best for your business.

The cost of designing and creating a monument sign varies depending on its size, design, type, permits, and installation. Contact us for a free estimate from our specialists.

For exterior signs (especially large signs), the municipality or city requires the submission of engineered drawings. Sign companies usually charge fees for obtaining permits. You may speak with our friendly staff to know more about this. Contact us at 647-388-5204 for a free consultation.

Monument signs are highly customizable. You may include your branding elements in its design. You may choose whichever material and effect you would want your sign to have. Have our experts guide you to achieve the sign you want. Contact us at 647-388-5204 for a free consultation.

As a sign almost at eye level, it draws more attention from your target clients. They also serve as a landmark for your business. And if your business is situated in a property-like location, it’ll help enhance your property’s appeal.  Lastly, it will help save a lot of advertising costs.

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