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The Difference Between LED And Neon Channel Letters

illuminated custom channel letters

Channel letters are a smart choice when it comes to making the exterior of your building a powerful marketing tool for your business. However, if you’re starting to explore custom channel letters but are not sure which type to use, Insight Signs and Graphics is happy to share some helpful information to assist you with your decision. Two of the most popular choices for exterior building signs are illuminated channel letters using either neon or LED emitted light. But is one better than the other?

The helpful staff at Insight Signs and Graphics is always ready to help, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the signs you need to help your business thrive. When it comes to using neon versus LED channel letters in Vaughan, there are pros and cons for both options, and working with a qualified signage partner is the best way to ensure you make the smartest decision for your business.

Choosing The Right Illumination For Your Custom Channel Letters

Exterior building signs that light up the sky will increase your visibility and help gain the attention of passersby. When it comes to adding illuminated custom channel letters to the front of your business, does it really matter if you choose neon over LED? Here’s some helpful information to help you understand more about each of those options.

Advantages of LED illumination:

  • LED is less fragile.
  • LED can mean a lower utility bill as it’s a more efficient light source, and the electrical transformer is smaller.
  • LED is a more focused light source.
  • Installation of LED channel letters can often be easier.
  • LED is a more environmentally friendly product.
  • LED is safer to install, service and maintain. LED is typically powered by 12 volts DC, a much smaller voltage than neon’s typical 4,000 to 15,000 volts AC.

Advantages of neon illumination:

  • Neon illumination delivers an eye-catching warm glow that LED has yet to match. This is particularly true for reverse and front/back lit channel letter signs.
  • Neon’s 360-degree illumination is easier on the eyes when used with front/back lit letters which can be more appealing to customers.
  • Some custom colours can be better matched using neon lighting.
  • You can produce open face custom channel letters with neon, but not with LED.

So, as you can see, the right type of illumination for your channel letters comes down to project specifics. LED and neon are completely different illumination sources, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Reviewing your sign project specifications with an experienced exterior building sign provider is your best option when it comes to ensuring you get the ideal sign to suit your needs.

Insight Signs and Graphics Is Your Source For Illuminated Exterior Building Signs

If you think illuminated channel letters could be the right addition for your business, contact Insight Signs and Graphics. We create illuminated signs that draw more customers through your doors, and our team can work with you to come up with the best design to reflect your brand. In addition, we’ll also properly install your custom channel letters or other exterior illuminated signage helping you feel confident in the durable and powerful signage option you’ve chosen. To find out more about investing in illuminated signs, call us at (289) 806-3701.

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