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5 Benefits of Using Storefront Window Graphics

Engaging window graphics for business

Your storefront is a free advertising space. Large windows and even doors are prime real estate for promoting your products and services. In Aurora, business owners have really taken to window decals and signs with a passion! It could be because they are generating a lot more foot traffic – and sales – but we’d be guessing.

If you are on the fence about custom business signs for your frontage, read on. We are explaining the main benefits of these graphics for any business.

Remember, if you don’t say it your customers won’t know it. Custom business signs help you say it.

What Businesses Can Gain the Most from Window Graphics

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants, eateries, and ice cream shops
  • Mom ‘n’ Pop stores (like convenience stores)
  • Bank branches and financial services
  • Service-led businesses like vehicle maintenance

Benefits of Storefront Window Graphics

You can profit from your unused real estate. By adding promotions, creative designs, logos, relevant quotes and messages, attractive images and more, you can easily expand your visibility and reach for your business. Window decals also have added benefits of providing some extra privacy to the inside of your store.

Brand Building

Perhaps the biggest benefit of window graphics is their ability to enhance your brand awareness. Deploy seasonal graphics and you will make an impression on your community. Passersby will start to associate your business with promotions, building top of mind recall. When it comes to making buying decisions, that makes all the difference.

Highlight Sales and Promotions

Sales and promotions are ineffective if you don’t promote then sufficiently. How will your customers know you have a discount running? Through advertising, of course. Decals on front windows are immediately catchy, especially when teamed with vibrant graphics.

Advertising that Pays for Itself

Custom business signs for your storefront are incredibly cost-effective. For any business owner, the most important metric is the return on investment. Window graphics more than pay for themselves, they are inexpensive to produce and offer tremendous lead generation capability.

Easy to Install and Remove

Designing, producing and installing window graphics is a fuss-free affair. Glass-friendly glues make sure your graphics will stick on for as long as you need them. In fact, when the time comes to take them off, they will not leave any ugly scratches or marks on your windows. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend a cent on upkeep either.

Attractive window graphics for business

Winter weather wearing down your exterior signs. Storefront decals are immune to weather conditions.

Permits May be Required

According to Sign Bylaw 5840-16, If you are planning to install a permanent or temporary sign in Aurora, you may require a sign permit. 

Wondering how you can get attractive storefront signs for your business? Contact Insight Signs and Graphics today and find out how easy we make getting storefront signs for you. You’ll be amazed how affordably you can transform your storefront.

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