The Different Types of Channel Letters. Tips to Make The Right Choice For Your Business

Channel letter signs

You have seen them, you like them, you want them for your business. But you don’t know what they are called. Channel letter signs are one of the most alluring of all signs. With ample customization options, business owners can always find the right channel letter signs for their business.

What are channel letters?

Channel letter signs comprise large individually formed letters. They are used as exterior signage for buildings and businesses. But don’t be surprised if you see a small art installation in your city’s downtown made entirely of channel letters.

Channel letters can be individually customized for design and lighting options, making them extremely versatile.

Types of channel letter signs

The common feature between all 3D channel letters is that they are individually cut and installed. Channel letter signs differ based on their lighting and their front fascia. There are four basic types of channel letter signs.

Front-lit signs – These are what you would call ‘standard’ channel letter signs. Each letter is made as an enclosed box with metal or plastic on all sides save for the front which can be transparent or coloured glass or plastic. The illumination is contained within the letter face itself. Today, instead of neon, most sign buyers spec LED channel letters because they are a lot more energy efficient.

Halo-lit signs – Halo channel letters are the opposite of front-lit signs. The front is opaque and un-illuminated. Instead, the rear is open, and the sides are transparent. This means light reflects off the mounting surface and the sides of the sign, giving it the look of a halo. If you are going for a cool, sophisticated aesthetic, these are the signs for you. It’s why you’ll find so many downtown offices with halo-lit channel letters above their frontages.

Front and backlit signs – These incorporate elements from both front and halo-lit signs. You can create a gentle contrast between the front colours and the background of the sign. They are also the most visible signs. LED channel letters offer exceptional separation between colours so don’t worry about light leakage into the front of the sign.

Open face signs – Open face signs are like standard front-lit signs with one small difference – there is no covering on the front fascia. This gives an open face channel letter sign a very industrial look. Another difference is that LEDs are not usually used in these. Neon lighting creates a much vibrant lighting effect.

How to mount channel letter signs?

Depending on the space you have, you will have to choose one of a few mounting options.

Raceway mount – The raceway mount installs all elements of the sign into a metal box and reduces the drilling required to install the sign. The metal box can also be used to match the colour of the building.

Direct mount – Channel letters are individually mounted directly onto the building. Naturally, this requires individual fasteners to be installed and space for wiring also be made.

Backer plate – The backer plate works like the raceway mount. The channel letters are mounted on a mounting plate which hides all electric wiring behind it.

Channel letter signs in Aurora

Whether you are a property owner looking to up your signage game or a business that wants to compete harder in the market, you cannot go wrong with channel letters. Call Insight Signs and Graphics in Aurora to discuss design, mounting and cost. Our channel letters are designed to be long-lasting and reliable.

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