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How to Create High-Quality Custom Office Lobby Signs in Aurora

Signage is a crucial part of any business establishment. Signs are often a key way that a company communicates with its customers and builds a business perception.

One of the first few things visitors see when they step foot inside a new or unfamiliar establishment is their signage. This makes having a well-designed sign important to create a positive first impression. And it all starts with the right lobby sign.

The Right Lobby Signs

The sign inside your reception area is the centerpiece of that room. As one of the first things people see the moment they enter your space, your sign must have that wow factor.

It sets the tone for your business establishment. Also, it offers an opportunity for you to create a professional and trustworthy image for your customers.

High-quality signage can be the difference between a good and bad first impression. Let’s look at what makes a great office lobby sign.

Readability is Key

According to a study by the University of Cincinnati, the most important characteristic of a sign is legibility. It is important for your sign to be easy to read and understood by your audience.

When creating a custom lobby sign, make sure that it is readable even from a distance. Choose fonts that aren’t confusing. Also, keep details to a minimum. A simple design is always better than an overwhelming one.

Size Matters

Consider the space that you have when deciding on the size of your sign. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially if you have little space for it.

Make sure that your office lobby sign is not too small that it gets lost in the background and not too big that you can’t see the other details of your sign.

Colour Contrasts

Choosing the right colours can effectively draw the attention of your target audience. It also makes a difference in making your custom lobby sign stand out. A good tip is to choose a bold colour for your design and a lighter colour on the background to make sure your logo can be fully seen.

Location and Angles

An eye-catching lobby sign can effectively draw people into your space. Your sign should be positioned where it can create the most impact. Make sure that it is visible right when visitors walk into your space.

Angles also matter. It is a good idea to go around your space and check if there are any obstructions. These may prevent customers from seeing your sign while waiting inside your lobby.

Expert Makers of Lobby Signs in Aurora, ON

A high-quality custom office lobby sign can make a huge difference in how a customer perceives your business. When it is quality you are looking for, Insight Signs & Graphics is your best option.

We are a team of experienced sign makers committed to producing the best sign solutions for businesses. We only choose the best materials and use advanced technology to ensure your signs remain vibrant and durable for years to come.

Contact us today in Aurora, ON for your lobby sign needs and we’ll give you a free quote!

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