How Can Interactive Custom Directional Signs Help Your Business?

Signage is a vital component of each business. Signs help companies to convey messages to their customers without needing an actual person to be present. However, signs can help your business in more ways than one. For example, they can also help create a more comfortable space through the presence of wayfinding signs.

Custom Wayfinding Signs and the Customer Experience

Wayfinding signage is a set of signs that helps visitors navigate your space with ease. These point customers where they need to go to make their visit more convenient and efficient.

Wayfinding directional signage guides customers on the right path so they can easily find what they are looking for. These can be floor graphics or ceiling signs with arrows pointing to key areas in your establishment.

Wayfinding identification signs help customers identify key areas or rooms in your space. These can include wall graphics above checkout counters or door plaques with room names or numbers. These make sure visitors don’t mistakenly go from one room to another trying to look for the right place.

Regardless of type, these signs have the important job of making each customer’s visit pleasant and efficient.

Interactive Custom Wayfinding Signs

There are plenty of ways businesses choose to use directional signs. Traditionally, these are different sign types that provide direction in and around your space. Wall graphics, floor graphics, and ceiling signs are examples of how a business can give directions.

With the rise of technology, there are different ways businesses can help customers navigate their space. Through digital signs, interactive wayfinding signs are on the rise. Here are examples of digital signs for wayfinding

  1. Electronic Map – this can conveniently show your customers where each area is located within your facility. Through a simple graphic layout, they can easily plan out which route to take to reach their destination.
  2. Touch-Screen Technology – this wayfinding directional signage can help guide visitors on how to get from point A to point B more efficiently. Instead of guessing where to go, the system conveniently tells you how to get there.
  3. 3D Wayfinding – this can show customers what the path looks like. The familiarity helps customers get where they need to go with less confusion.

These types of directional signs are typically positioned by the entrance of the facility. This way, customers know how to find their way the moment they enter your space.

Your Trusted Sign Company in Aurora, ON

Whether you need a single wayfinding identification sign or a complete set of digital signage for wayfinding, Insight Signs & Graphics is here for you. We are a full-service sign company that offers high-quality and advanced signage solutions for your business needs. Our expert sign makers are always on top of providing excellent products along with superb customer service that makes us the top choice for businesses.

Let us take care of your custom wayfinding signs; contact us in Aurora, ON for a free consultation.

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