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Designing Monument Signs: 8 Concepts That Stand Out

Monument Signs

Outdoor signs are important for keeping your company visible in the community. There are many different types of signs to choose from, with monument signs being one of the most common. These are signs strategically placed along a street to increase your business’s visibility while also displaying your brand.

Monument signs are extremely beneficial to businesses. They are long-lasting, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and do not require regular replacement. These exterior signs are perfect for displaying your company’s name, tagline, logo, contact information, business hours, and other vital information.

Read on to discover some exceptional monument sign ideas!

Types of Monument Signs

There are a number of different designs available for this type of signage, and all of them have their benefits.

When it comes to the cost of monument signs, that varies considerably depending on the size, design, and installation process. That is why it’s always best to speak to a professional signage company such as Insight Signs & Graphics. We’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote once we get all your information.

Here are some further details:

  • Monochromatic sign

Going back to basics can be the best thing for a company. These simple but eye-catching designs are ideal for new businesses that want to make a good first impression. They make for great landmarks and will easily be remembered.

  • Digital monuments

Installing a digital monument is one way to make your company stand out. You can easily project information about your business and promotions using its digital displays. They are also useful when you need to update information.

  • 360° design

If your business has a large open space, you might want to consider 360° signage as a centerpiece. This type of design will allow anyone, from any angle, to see who you are and what you do. They also work as illuminated pieces, making them visible even at night.

  • Waterworks

For businesses like beach resorts and water parks, this idea is a fantastic signage solution. This design features the main line of your business – water. These custom monument signs will undoubtedly attract more potential customers.

  • Natural stones

Monument signs are well-known for their massive size, and sometimes being large is simply insufficient. Natural stones elevate your signs, increasing their visibility and aesthetic. These signs are recommended for businesses near golf courses.

  • Wooden monuments

Wood has long been a popular material for signs for decades. If you want your company to have a rustic look, these design ideas are for you. When these signs are varnished, they become more appealing.

  • Irregular-shaped signs

People are usually drawn to things that are out of the ordinary. You can design a cool monument sign while incorporating your brand style to ensure that your exterior look matches your interior design.

  • Interactive design

If your company has a large amount of open space, installing an interactive sign is highly recommended. A well-designed sign can also be a good place to take a photograph for your website!

Looking for a Monument Sign Near You?

Insight Signs & Graphics provides high-quality sign solutions that make an impact on your target customers. We are a full-service sign company that can design, manufacture, and install signs to increase business in your location.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality products as well as exceptional customer service.  Contact us today for a free consultation for your monument sign requirements.

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