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Channel Letters Change the Way Customers See Your Brand!

The world of business is highly competitive, and smart entrepreneurs know that they must utilize every tool they have in their arsenal to even have a shot. Thankfully, businesses can rely on a myriad of strategies and resources to drive in customers, boost their business’ potential for growth, and successfully surpass their goals. Among these resources are the visually captivating channel letter signs.

One of the most significant of these tools is business signage. According to a survey by FedEx, almost 8 of 10 respondents said that their decision to enter a store for the first time was primarily based on business signs, and 75% of them would recommend that store to somebody if they liked their sign. Similarly, 68% of those surveyed believed that signs represent the quality of the business’ offered products or services. And 60% of them do not enter shops that don’t have signs.

Add Another Dimension to Your Brand

Custom channel letters are among the most effective signage types that you can use for marketing and advertising. Three-dimensional and designed specifically according to your desired font, depth, color, and other requirements, these signs protrude from the mounting surface to bring more personality to your storefront. For this reason, custom channel letters are typically found in establishments with great opportunities for visibility, such as shopping malls, medical buildings, bars, and restaurants.

If you’re interested in commissioning this type of signs for your business in Aurora, ON or in other areas, you’d be pleased to know that the investment will be well worth it. Here are some of their biggest rewards.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

Designing customized LED letter signs for your store or business establishment brings in many advantages, such as:

Increased Visibility

These signs come with special lighting features, which you can position for maximum visibility. You can have them front-lit, back-lit, or halo-lit to successfully reach your target audience, as well as encourage them to give your business a try.

Better Brand Representation

Signage makes your brand look more professional and trustworthy, and speak of the kind of experience that you will deliver to your customers. With LED channel letters, you can impress your market and win them over.

Additionally, they are designed to last, even in harsh outdoor conditions. LED channel letters can definitely help you save on energy costs.

How Insight Signs & Graphics Can Help

As your trusted signage expert in Aurora, ON and nearby areas, Insight Signs & Graphics provides top-notch design, manufacturing, installation, and repair of custom letter signs and other signage forms for all kinds of businesses. We draw from extensive experience to deliver products that meet both your standards and those of your potential customers, and we work with you step-by-step to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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