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5 Reasons Trade Show Banners Makes Your Business Stand Out

Trade Show Banners

Businesses attend trade shows in the hopes of getting plenty of opportunities to interact and engage with prospective and current customers. Did you know that adding custom banner signs to your trade show booth can be an ideal way to demonstrate the value you bring to customers and show them how you can meet their needs?

Before you hit the tradeshow floor, be sure your business has the right custom trade show banners to actively stand out and capture your audience. Creating a dynamic trade show display will help you get the most out of your trade show experience and give you a much higher return on investment. Trade show displays designed using custom banner signs have a much better chance of enticing attendees and prospective customers and motivating them to check out what your business has to offer.

Improve Your Trade Show Experience With Custom Banner Signs

If you’ve already got a trade show set up that you’ve had for a while, you may be hesitant to make changes. Let’s take a closer look at the five reasons you absolutely should add banners to your display.

1. Draw attention to your exhibit.

Consider for a moment just how large the potential audience of a trade show can be. In order to make sure you get noticed, you must do all you can to let people know you’re actually there. Choosing to display your custom banner signs in a prominent position with your branding near the top is the way to go. This can ensure every person at the event has the potential to see you’re open for business.

2. Quickly communicate key benefits and value.

Another advantage of using a banner at a trade show is the ability to quickly recap the reasons that potential customers should be paying attention to you. Keep in mind you’ll have less than 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Think about using short, bulleted lists or a distinctive tagline to headline your banner.

3. Expand your reach.

Custom trade show banners at conferences can help call attention to your booth and move people to act on that urge to come over and engage with you. As such, be sure you show your brand or logo, use vibrant colours and use bold font or imagery that can easily be viewable from far away.

4. Make the most of your downtime.

Every booth should have a representative on hand who can answer questions and talk to passersby. However, there will be a time when people are either engaged in conversation with others or have temporarily left the booth space. Using a standing banner display, for example, means that even when no one is available, you’ll have something that can attract and inform potential customers. A skillfully designed custom banner sign can at least get your audience thinking, and if the display is compelling enough, they’ll make a point of sticking around or stopping by again when staff is available.

5. Empower your team.

Using a banner or standing banner display can serve as a great icebreaker. When your custom trade show banners catch someone’s eye, it’s easier to pick up on visual cues and approach the person with a greater sense of confidence. In addition, the display can even serve as your team’s cheat sheet to help them ensure they’re sharing the right details throughout the event.

Make The Most Of Your Next Trade Show With Custom Banners

Knowing what type of banner to use and the right information to include can mean the difference between drawing people in and wasting time and money with an ineffective trade show set up. When you work with Insight Signs and Graphics in Vaughan, we can help you choose the right trade show pieces including custom banner signs and retractable banner stands. Contact us to get a free quote or to find out more about how we can help your business stand out.

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