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Why Trade Show Banners are Must for a Successful Event

Attractive trade show banners

Trade shows are a vital source of business for so many business owners in Aurora. Setting up a booth at a trade show is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales and making business connections. Part of the reason is that the audience brings real buying intent. These aren’t people who are just ambling around, they are there themselves to get materials for their needs.

Trade shows are tremendous opportunities for any business. Its why trade show floor space is at a premium and branding is so aggressive. Go to a trade show with little in hand and you will quickly find your business getting lost in the sea of activity.

Bold trade show displays and booth advertising are essential for making the most of your trade show expenditure. Find out how custom banners give you an edge.

Custom Trade Show Banners

Visit any trade show with custom banners and you immediately make clear your intent – you mean business! Prospective clients and customers will take you much more seriously when they see custom signs. You may not realize it, but so often the sale is made as soon as the buyer is convinced the business is professional.


Custom trade show banners can become wayfinding signs on a crowded floor. It’s great for you, as your business builds top of mind recall, and people are drawn to your sign. More foot traffic will translate into more sales.

Lead Generation

Empower your trade show displays with bold calls-to-action and irresistible discounts. You’ll have buyers hoarding your booth all day long. The simple fact is this: the human mind loves short and simple instructions. ‘Receive a 20% discount if you order here’: a simple, powerful and lucrative message.

Promotions and Sales

This ties-in with lead generation, but custom trade show banners must be focused on the clientele. Come up with promotions that will excite prospective buyers on the spot. If you are offering services to other businesses from your Aurora office, try and focus on their pain points – like shipping or need for responsive partners.

Brand Building

Recall, recall, recall! Brand awareness is all about becoming associated with the obvious choice for a good or service. Successful branding must convey a clear design ethos. Simple contrasting colours, clear typeface and prominent placement of trade show displays will go a long way in making your business memorable.


Thicker grade vinyl means your banners will last many a trade show. Save on the cost of having to get new banners for every event. Our banners and installation help you get the maximum utility out of your banners. What’s more, you can even use them in your office when they aren’t being used at a show.

Insight Signs and Graphics has helped businesses in Aurora make great impressions at trade shows. Our clients love our design team, which creates fantastic displays for their booths. Just send us the specifications and we can send you sample designs. What’s more, we take on last-minute jobs too. Speak to us to find out how quickly we can print your custom trade show banners.

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