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Why Banners Should Be In Your Outdoor Advertising Mix

Advertising custom banners

Outdoor banner signs have remained an incredibly effective way of promoting a business or an event. Have a marathon happening in Aurora? You’ll see advertising banners hanging off every lamp post in the city.

Despite window decals, storefront graphics and even vehicle wrap becoming popular, custom banner signs have refused to go out of style or fashion. If anything, outdoor banners are more powerful advertising tools than they have ever been.

Since outdoor banners are reserved for special occasions and major events, passersby pay a lot more attention to them.

Custom Banners & Signs Mean Business

People have learned to tune out so many forms of advertising in their daily lives. Even billboards advertisements at the bus stop can all be ignored. Not so with banners and signs. People recognize that outdoor banners convey meaningful and important information.

Perfect Placement

Whether your banners are hung over a storefront or on lamp posts, they are ideally located for passersby. A billboard is too far away to be personal whereas banners and signs are just the right distance away. They convey a sense of intimacy, while are placed high enough to be prominent from some distance away.

Affordable Advertising

Banners have been around for decades and their construction has evolved hugely in that time. It means you get a sturdy sign, one which can weather whatever the outdoors can throw at it. Still, creating outdoor banners is inexpensive, letting business owners advertise widely.

Environmentally Friendly

Due to their high-grade construction, custom banner signs are reusable. Store your sign correctly and you can expect many years of unblemished service. So, whether you are advertising at a farmer’s market or running a seasonal sale, your signs will look fresh and new every time.

Durable Signs

Anyone living in Aurora will tell you our weather is not ‘mild’. Strong winds, driving rain, and heavy snow are standard fare for many months. It’s why 500 gsm vinyl banners are essential. A torn sign doesn’t just look bad – it conveys a negative connotation for your business.

Don’t make these mistakes when deciding on your outdoor signs

Here are some tips for avoiding common mistakes people make when designing signs.

Decide Placement First

Be clear about where your sign will be installed. It will determine the colours you use, the method of installation and even its look and feel. If you aren’t sure, choose high contrast colours that will display against any background.

Writing Copy

Before you start writing for your sign, ask yourself: who does this sign target; what do you want your audience to do? Use this information to offer a compelling call-to-action. Keep it short and simple. Also, don’t overload the sign with information.

Design Elements and Fonts

Key elements that you want to make sure your signage includes are:

  • Readability – Can your audience process the information.
  • Legibility – Is your sign using an appropriate font and size.
  • Visibility – Where are you placing to place your sign, what is the size and height will also have an impact.
  • Choosing optimal colors – Depending on who you plan to target color can play a huge role so do your research.
Attractive outdoor banner

You must look at a sign from the perspective of someone who’ll be looking at it from a distance. Small design touches are everything.

Thinking of getting your own custom banners? Insight Signs and Graphics works with hundreds of business owners. From design to creation, we are your one-stop-shop for custom signs. Speak to us today to find out how our team will make getting outdoor banners a cinch.

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