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What is the Most Effective Placement for Channel Letters?

It is without a doubt that signage plays a huge role in getting your business noticed in Aurora, ON. Outdoor signs such as storefront channel letters are your silent sales representatives. They advertise your business and influence people’s buying decisions.

Eye-Catching Channel Letter Signage

No two signs are alike. There are a lot of outdoor sign options available in the market. However, custom channel letter signs stand out as one of the top choices of businesses regardless of industry. These are very versatile and can be added to other sign types.

A well-designed sign is important for it to make an impact. However, it doesn’t matter how striking your sign is if no one gets to see it. This is why placement is important for your sign to work for you.

Effective Placement for Custom Channel Letters

Putting up signs can be a huge business investment. Make sure that your investment doesn’t go to waste by choosing the right placement for your signs. Hopefully, the guidelines below can help you ensure you get your signs right in front of your target audience.

Establish Your Goals

Before any endeavor, it is important to set your goals. Ask yourself how you want your sign to work for you. This can dictate elements such as size, height, and position.

Are you trying to attract motorists? A higher sign placement that can be visible at a good distance would be ideal. Is your target audience walking past your shop? Positioning your sign lower and nearer your door can effectively catch attention.

Aim for Maximum Visibility

Signs have different effects depending on their position. This is why it is important that you survey your location to ensure that you get maximum visibility from your channel letters.

Position your signs directly at the line of sight of high traffic areas. To be effective, your storefront channel letters should be seen from different vantage points. You may even consider unique positions, such as placing them vertically to make them visible at different angles.

Keep it Front and Center

Upon doing a survey of your location, check if there isn’t anything blocking your sign from high traffic areas. Ensure there aren’t any trees, poles, or other signs keeping your target audience from having full view of your sign.

Once you have determined this, you can choose to adjust your sign accordingly. You may need to change the size, move it higher or towards the side to enable viewers to get a full view of your signage.

Full-Service Sign Company in Aurora, ON

Choosing the right sign placement requires the help of experts who know which positions work. Our team at Insight Signs and Graphics has years of experience that can help determine the best placement for your outdoor signs. Not only that, we ensure to only use the best materials that make your sign stand out from the competition.

Let our sign experts help you get the best visibility for your channel letter signage. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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