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Storefront Window Graphics: Let Windows Boost Your Sales

Storefront Window Graphics

Chances are if you are a high street store or outlet, your windows make up the biggest proportion of your frontage. We know in Aurora, businesses have large windows – and big missed opportunities!

Clear see-through windows are simply wasted. That’s large, free advertising space you could be using to promote your business, products or services and your credentials. Storefront window graphics are prime advertising space and you need to pay attention to generate more sales.

Draw attention

People walking down a sidewalk want their attention to be diverted. They expect businesses to attract them with sales and promotions. Whether you own a high-end boutique, a grocery store, a dentist’s office or an H&R Block branch, you need vibrant window advertising decals to make people look at you.

Generating curiosity

Mystery and curiosity drive leads. When people outside have their view obstructed, they are compelled to walk in and see for themselves. Your messaging has to be on point too. Worthwhile discounts are extremely effective at convincing people to step through your front door.

Is your office on the second floor with no storefront? Your window graphics will be even more prominent!

Market your products

Messaging is essential to filling the sales funnel. Identify which products/offerings are right – and when. Trying to cajole people with ‘File Your Income Tax’ in August will be met with smirks. But ‘Halloween supplies inside’ in October is sure to be a success. Storefront window graphics are easy to print and install and are affordable. Get in touch with a window graphics designer near you.

Promote promotions

It’s all about the promotion. Take inspiration from the Gap and Starbucks to understand how sales, discounts and gamification can be used to drive customers into stores. In a competitive market you don’t just need to be more visible, you need to make sure the message you are spreading resonates with clientele.

Coordinate storefront window graphics digitally

Businesses in Canada spent nearly $9 billion by Q3 of 2019 alone on digital marketing. Chances are your business has a digital presence and window decals must tie into a cohesive marketing strategy. Social media #hashtags, online promotions, ‘Easter Egg’ hunts and a number of other elements should be incorporated into your window advertising decals.

Seasonal promotions

We touched on it before but capturing seasonal demand is essential. Since a window graphics company near you can have graphics printed and applied in no time at all, you should make use of that advertising edge. From ‘back to school’ shopping, ‘Black Friday’ deals to holiday sales, your business can profit enormously from expectant buyers waiting to buy big.

Other practical benefits of window graphics

Window decals offer significant practical benefits too. Here are some that you can expect for your premises:

  • Inexpensive advertising
  • Maintenance-free
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Improve window insulation
  • Act as wayfinding signs
  • Save paperwork (no city permits, unlike billboards)

Insight Signs and Graphics

We are proud to be the trusted window graphic printing and installation company for so many businesses in Aurora. Our team works closely with business owners to create unique shapes and designs for their purposes. Speak to a representative today and find out how easy and affordable it is to get decals for your windows.

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