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Lobby Signs: Make the Right First Impression

Custom Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are crucial to making the right first impression. They represent your organization and your brand and begin the customer journey. Making sure they do that effectively means using the right type of signs in the lobby and designing them correctly.

Before we jump into tips that will help you get smart looking signs for your entrance, let’s look at the different types of custom lobby signs you can choose from:

  • Three-dimensional letters
  • Clear panel-mounted signs
  • Channel letter signs
  • Neon signs
  • Door signs
  • Vinyl banners
  • Wall murals

The best thing about lobby signs is that they are completely customizable – after all, you don’t want your business looking like the one next door! You can choose materials such as acrylic, brass, steel, glass and wood for your signs. What’s more, virtually every sign can be configured with custom lighting setups too.

Did you know LED lighting uses a fraction of the electricity that neon does?

Importance of Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are important visual touchpoints for your business. It doesn’t matter who walks into your reception area, you want the design and quality of your lobby sign to leave an impression.

Ill-designed or cheap office lobby signs can be immediately off-putting.

Signs also display your brand, which is why it is important the sign reflects the industry and the nature of the business it represents. You will notice how people in traditional occupations, such as law and accounting, use wooden and metal signs to promote a sense of stability and solidness. An IT business may use acrylic and lots of lighting to suggest agility and innovation.

Need help designing lobby signs for your business? Our designers work with businesses to come up with creative and exciting designs.

Digital reception signs are a great way to showcase your business’s achievements and energize your space.

Tips for Designing Lobby Signs

When you are designing signs for your lobby, make sure you follow these fundamentals:

Location – Make sure the sign is installed prominently and facing the front door. It should also not be obscured by furniture, plants or people sitting in the lobby.

Size – Take measurements before you finalize design. You want to make sure that the signs aren’t too small or too large for their space.

Branding – Signs at entrances also serve an important wayfinding purpose and should incorporate your logo and business name.

Font – Fonts should be the same as what you use in your logo. If choosing another font, use an easy to read complimentary font.

Lighting – Front lighting, spot lighting or background glow can be incorporated in the design to maximize visibility.

Creative Signage in Aurora

At Insight Signs we work with businesses in Aurora, ON for all their signage needs. We have a full range of lobby signage options. Before you decide on a lobby sign design for your reception area, speak to a representative. We can suggest signs that are trending now and will lend your space a modern upmarket feel.

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