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LED Signs: For Those Who Want High Visibility for Their Business

Lit signs stand out at night, in bad weather, and when there are many competing signs. Plus, the right type of lit sign can help you reinforce your brand image, communicate a complicated message to your audience, and draw them in. Signs with lights are great tools, but which one will give you the benefits you’re looking for? Lets’ explore the types of lighted business signs and what you can expect from them.

Outdoor LED Signs

Most illuminated signs are meant for outdoor use, where they can make a big impact. Here are several types you should consider:

  • : A type of storefront signs, cabinet signs are rectangular cases that are lit from the inside.  
  • Channel letter signs are shaped like the letters you want to use and lit from the inside or from the outside.
  • Not all monument signs are lit, but those that are can be seen from much further away, and at night.
  • Signs this tall need to be lit to help them stand out to those far-off drivers that they are meant to catch the attention of.

Indoor Custom LED Signs

While there are more outdoor illuminated business signs than indoor ones, light is still an important factor to consider for your inside signs.

  • Lobby signs: Not all lobby signs are lit, but the ones that are make an impressive statement.
  • Dimensional letters: Lit letter signs for spaces other than the lobby create a unique atmosphere.
  • Electronic message displays: Of course, these signs need to be lit to operate. They are dynamic, eye-catching, and have more space for more of a message.

Some businesses make great use of “outdoor” signs that are placed inside. For example, channel letter signs can be useful for events where lots of photos will be taken. Create channel letter signs that say “Love,” for your wedding venue. Or choose a thematic word that works for your business.

Choose Light with Insight Signs & Graphics

Lit signs are more impressive, and they make more impressions. At Insight Signs & Graphics, we have all of the lighting options you need for your sign, and we know how to create great designs with them. We offer illuminated business signs for all of your exterior and interior needs in Aurora, ON. Contact us today.

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