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Installing Post and Panel Signs Brings More Visibility to Your Business

The primary purpose of installing business signage is to draw attention and ideally convert impressions and foot traffic to closed sales. Many signage types are available to assist entrepreneurs and facility managers in doing this. One of the most popular outdoor business signs is a post and panel sign, and if you want to see what it can do for your business’ visibility, read on.

Draw Attention to Your Business in Aurora, ON

Outdoor signage traditionally works well for brick and mortar businesses. A regular storefront sign, for instance, is said to be seen about 50 to 60 times every month by people who live within 5 miles of your location, and if it happens to be a post and panel sign, it may boost sales by up to 15.6%. Here’s how it works:

  • Ideal Positioning. Custom post and panel signs are traditionally installed at waist-height, so they are highly visible to pedestrians and motorists. Unlike billboards mounted way up high, which are not as easy to view, they are visible from the street without any inconvenience. When positioned perpendicular to the normal traffic flow, these signs can significantly lead prospects into your doors.
  • A Lot of Room for Customization. Custom post and panel signs are available from trusted sign manufacturers in Aurora, ON, and other nearby areas, and without a doubt, they are some of the best tools you can use for marketing. With a customized sign, you call the shots on their size, shape, colors, and style. If you want something that looks more modern and streamlined, aluminum post and panel signs are great. If you wish to opt for something more traditional and chicer, wood is ideal. However, you want your signage to look, you can speak with your sign provider, and they will gladly find ways to help you bring your ideas to life. Our team of experts at Insight Signs & Graphics, for instance, is ready to create personalized signage that represents your brand well.
  • Stronger Brand Message. These custom signs provide for stronger branding. This is great for improving the visibility of your business. Your target audience learns to associate your brand with your sign. When your brand identity is strong, you can impress more people and turn them into loyal customers. Similarly, people are more likely to recommend brands they believe in to other people, helping your sales and marketing efforts.

Choosing the Right Sign Company

In choosing the right provider for aluminum post and panel signs in Aurora and nearby areas, the first thing to do is find a company that provides comprehensive support. As a full-service sign shop, Insight Signs & Graphics takes care of every facet of the sign-making process for you, from the initial consultation to the installation.

We listen to your ideas and draft a design based on your business objectives. We then bring it to life using top-notch materials and manufacturing and installation methods. We work according to industry standards as well as your project requirements. Our team also provides personalized service from start to finish. You can look forward to getting the sign that best suits your marketing objectives.

Call Insight Signs & Graphics now and book a free consultation on your next post and panel sign.

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