Improve your branding with attractive floor graphics

custom floor graphics

Entrepreneur magazine defines branding as the ‘practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products’.

Effective branding starts by understanding what you need to promote as unique. As a business owner you may want to showcase your entire business as distinctive or just brand a new product. Regardless, you want to advertise using various different means to communicate your message. Custom floor graphics are a less considered but extremely effective way of building brand awareness.

For businesses with large floor area or the option of advertising in a large open space with high foot traffic, floor graphics are a no-brainer. In this article we’ll look at how floor clings and floor decals garner impressions and generate leads.

Building your brand with custom floor graphics

Attract eyeballs and attention

Because decals and graphics on the floor are still a relatively rare sight, people are drawn to them. It helps that most people look at the floor as they walk. Make the most of the ‘element of surprise’ you have with custom floor graphics.

Research by FedEx has shown that nearly 7 in 10 consumers buy products or services they discover through eye-catching signs.


If differentiation is key to branding then floor stickers are key to your marketing strategy. Floor decals are a very unique and engaging way to display messages. How distinctive your signs are is entirely up to you.

Top of mind recall

Stimulating people is essential for making yourself memorable. Visually appealing graphics will definitely help people remember your product and your business. Best of all, creative graphics can even go viral on social media.

Express creativity

You wouldn’t believe some of the floor graphics we create. You have free rein to design and realize custom graphics. Don’t think of a graphic as a billboard; it can interact with its environment, create illusions. Signs can easily incorporate multiple separate stickers to complete the design.

Seasonal graphics

Imagine how effective a set of Halloween-themed floor graphics that lead you to scary masks and costumes would be! Seasonal custom floor signs are great at creating a sense of urgency in the mind of the customer, promoting products subtly and acting as wayfinding signs.

Types of custom floor graphics

  • Branded floor clings
  • Non-slip floor decals
  • Wayfinding floor graphics
  • Shiny or reflective decals
  • 3D floor signs

custom floor graphics - Aurora, ON

Getting started with floor graphic design

How to decide what to write/display on your floor graphics. Entrepreneur offers a simple approach. Answer these questions and you will get an idea of the kind of messaging you want to focus on:

  • What has your company set out to do?
  • Why should customers choose your products?
  • What do prospects and customers think of your business?
  • What qualities do you want them to think of when they think of your business?

Insight Signs and Graphics for your floor signs

We work with grocery stores, shopping malls, store owners and even office managers in Aurora to design, print and install engaging floor graphics. Believe it or not, many businesses love floor signs because they act as ‘Welcome’ mats, offer excellent grip in the rain, and require minimal maintenance. Thinking of getting floor signs for your business? Speak to a representative to get a quote and discuss your options.

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