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How to Make Your Monument Sign Stand Out

Monument Signs

Monument sign can often be found on the streets. These structures have existed for a long time and are typically made of rocks, wood, bricks, concrete, or metal.

Monuments can also be used as signs to promote your business. These are freestanding signs placed strategically outside your building to attract customers. Monument signs, unlike other types of signs, are large enough to display a variety of important information about a company or business.

Continue reading to learn how to set your sign apart from the competition.

  • Go big

These signs are usually constructed to be large enough to draw the attention of anyone walking past. You can ensure that all the significant details about your company and the image you want to express to your target market are captured by using its size when building your brand’s identity.

  • Become a landmark

Because of their size, custom monument signs are used as landmarks for some communities. When people use your sign as a location marker, this will increase the chances of your business being noticed. It will also allow your brand to establish familiarity and recall to the locals of the area.

  • Personalize your design

All businesses want to be noticed. According to a study, customers tend to enter a business new to them because of their signs. And since monument signs are highly customizable, you can take advantage of their size by putting in a well-balanced design and key business information. They can be curated following your brand identity, or you can go for a more traditional approach.

  • Don’t let your imagination keep you at a stand-still

When we are offered a lot of different options, we tend to put in a lot of ideas and choices. In choosing the design for your sign, you must remember that too many elements can be overwhelming to your target customers. There can always be a way to twist a clean and simple design to make it look attractive.

Creating Monument Signs Near You

If you are considering getting a monument sign, Insight Signs & Graphics is your go-to shop in the GTA. We take pride in providing quality design, expert installation processes, and fast repair and maintenance that exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand the need to have the right balance of creating a lasting impression while showing a stylish design for your signage. Learn more about our custom monument signs straight from the experts. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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