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How Floor Graphics Can Become Part Of Your Marketing Plan

Custom Floor Graphics in Aurora

Business owners are always looking for that standout element that takes their marketing to the next level. Floor graphics are the perfect complement to your marketing plan. Read on to find out how custom floor graphics can help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

What are floor graphics

Floor graphics are custom floor stickers. They are made of vinyl and are applied to the floor like a wrap. They are non-slip surfaces and can be used on flat ground, inclines and even stairs. One notable advantage of custom floor decals is that while they are very resilient to foot traffic, they don’t damage the surface they are installed on.

How you choose to use these graphics is entirely up to you. Most times, floor decals are used as advertising (with an element of wayfinding). It’s why you will see floor graphics in areas that see a lot of foot traffic, such as malls, at cinemas, museums, and sports venues.

Sturdy application of custom floor graphics is essential, and you should only rely on a team of professional installers.

Using floor graphics for marketing

Custom floor stickers are an integral part of a wholesome marketing strategy. Whether you are applying them on your premises or need them for an school gym, event or trade show, custom floor decals can be used for several different purposes.


Creating brand awareness is one of the most common uses of floor signs. Logos, business names and products are all advertised on floor signs. Strategic repetition of this messaging helps build top-of-mind recall, which makes all the difference at the time of purchase. For instance, at a large supermarket, regular custom floor advertisements of a product will build familiarity in shoppers’ minds about the colour and USP of the product.

Mixing marketing and wayfinding

Floor Signs are very effective at leading people to destinations. Design your custom floor stickers in the shape of footprints or arrows and you can lead people right where you want them. It’s a great chance to market promotions along the way too. Larger venues also rely on floor graphics to guide people to their seats, to concessionaires, all the while creating a unique experience for them.

Informing visitors

If you are advertising at a trade show or conference, custom floor decals are a unique way to tell audiences about your business. Not just your logo and business name, think of including your address, a unique hashtag for social media, or spell out your tag line. Remember to keep content brief or spread messages around the space strategically with multiple floor graphics.


Floor signs are perfect for promotions! In fact, many stores in Aurora use them during different seasons to promote sales and new products. Are you offering a new package of services or a big discount on your product? Advertise it to shoppers right at the entrance and give them the option of signing up/buying not too far away.

Affordable custom floor graphics

Insight Signs and Graphics is an established sign maker in Aurora. We help clients plan out and design floor graphics. Call us to find out how cost-effective custom floor signs are and how easily you can have them applied to your place of business.

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