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Do you need to invest in large signs like channel letters to make a big impact? No! There are less expensive, smaller, even impermanent signs that can also benefit your business. Office door signs are particularly effective, simple signs that you should consider for your business. You can position them on doors and walls inside your building, or on your outer doors and windows to communicate with people walking by—even when you’re closed. Here are some of their advantages:


If your customers struggle to navigate in your building, they won’t feel very welcome. Help them feel comfortable in your building by labelling cabins and conference rooms with personalized office door signs. These signs can explain whose office it is, their normal hours, job title, and other key information your customer may need.  Your customers will appreciate how much easier it is for them to navigate and find your staff when they need to. If your staff change locations, changeable office door signs are perfect to display that information.


Door and wall signs also elevate the professionalism of your business. When you have these signs, customers can tell this isn’t a temporary location for you. Your business is here to stay, and you have considered how the building looks and feels from their perspective. This indicates you’re a stable, well-established business that will be a long-term partner for them. Large vinyl wall signs that display your company branding or even examples of your work can go a long way to building professionalism.

Low-Cost Branding

Speaking of branding, it isn’t just for your marketing or outdoor signs. Branding your indoor space helps your customers connect with your business and it reinforces your message. Indoor business signs are an inexpensive way to do this. Plus, if your branding changes the signs can be removed without damaging the paint beneath.

Your Local Sign Shop in Aurora, ON

Considering how to best use office door signs in your building? We can help you strategize and create a great design for the signs you choose. At Insight Signs & Graphics, we do everything, from the largest channel letter signs to the simplest office door signs for businesses. Reach out to us to get started today.

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