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10 Ways to Get More Impressions With Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics

Did you know you can advertise your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free? You can accomplish this with the assistance of commercial fleet wraps. Service vehicles of all sizes can use these effective promotional tools to promote their products and services wherever they go. By customizing your vehicle with your company’s logo or tagline, you can effectively reach a larger target market without spending extra money.

Fleet graphics in Toronto are gaining popularity among businesses. They help increase your brand’s visibility and engagement by simply driving around the city. Insight Signs & Graphics uses vinyl to make these wraps simple to install. Continue reading, as we’ve compiled 10 ways to get more impressions using fleet wraps.

3D Design

Your fleet graphics may not be truly 3-dimensional, but an experienced fleet graphic designer can create artwork that appears three-dimensional and adds eye-catching depth and dimension to your design.

Glow in the Dark

Even in the dark, reflective vinyl can increase the visibility of your brand. Reflective material has traditionally been used on emergency and first responder vehicles for safety reasons. However, over time, more and more companies have started to use reflective vinyl on their commercial fleet vehicle wraps to increase visibility at all times of day and night.

Different Designs

You want to make sure your design covers every side of the vehicle, but keep in mind that all sides do not have to be the same. With different messages and artwork for each side and rear of the vehicle, it’s an incredibly creative idea that makes you stop and look twice.

Be Colourful

To accomplish this, we used bright colours, easy-to-read fonts, and fun images. These make your vehicle or truck impossible to miss. Also, make sure that the graphics you choose are bright and fun.

Catchy Graphics

A good wrap is entertaining, informative, and comprehensive. It accomplishes the task of capturing attention, telling a story, and conveying a clear message.

Deliver Emotions

Imagine seeing a van with an image of a mother and daughter cuddling, what do you think you would feel? The mother and child are snuggling comfortably, sharing precious moments, delivering emotion, and sending a message of comfort. The message that business wanted to send with their wrap might be that their services bring comfort to your home.

Keep it Simple

A fleet wrap created with ease of use in mind brings the most attention, most of the time. But this doesn’t mean it was easy to create. On the contrary, it can be difficult to achieve good results when creating a simple vehicle wrap design, but this one hits the mark by keeping the design, messaging, and colour choice minimal.

Spread Cute Vibes

If you are running a pet grooming service, you may want to explore the idea of using cute pet images. This will make your wrap tell a story and can capture the attention of your target market. Anyone who loves pets will definitely like this wrap design.

Motivate Actions

For businesses running in the health and wellness industry, using images about exercising, using the gym, and doing yoga can inspire locals who will see your vehicle to try these services. All available space, including the windows, is used by these bold images.

Promote Your Products and Services

Show off your accomplishments by showcasing the work or goods you sell. If you produce quality work, showcase it on your vehicle wrap and impress potential clients.

We are your trusted source for commercial fleet wraps in Toronto!

We at Insight Signs & Graphics are a reputable sign company serving Toronto businesses. With us, fleet wraps are simple and affordable. The benefits of working with our team go beyond just creating visually appealing graphics; our wraps are designed to increase call volume and revenue. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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